Below are the recommendation categories with brief descriptions from the IT strategic plan. Click on a recommendation area to learn more about the specific recommendations and related action items.

Recommendation Areas

1. Information Technology Resources (Physical Infrastructure)

The University of Maryland should build and maintain a sound, advanced, secure, and productive physical information technology infrastructure (including but not limited to facilities, hardware, networks, and software) capable of supporting broad and effective use by students, faculty, and staff throughout the institution, including remote university members such as agricultural extension offices.

2. Information Technology Resources (Support and Enablement)

The University of Maryland should develop and maintain a robust, multi-tiered staff support environment that meets the diverse levels and specific needs of the university community so that community members can effectively use the university's abundant technology resources.

3. Scholarly Enablement

The University of Maryland should develop and enhance the information technology resources that, through effective, innovative, and extensive use by faculty in teaching, enable students' scholarly achievement.

4. Research Enablement

The University of Maryland should develop and maintain plentiful information technology resources that enable and advance discovery and support innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship when effectively and broadly used by faculty in research.

5. Student Experience

The University of Maryland should provide and support plentiful information technology resources in the living and learning environment that enable and enrich the broader experiences of students' innovation when used effectively and profusely.

6. IT and the Enterprise

The University of Maryland should develop and maintain plentiful information technology resources and develop (or acquire) and deploy (or arrange for) information systems, applications, and tools that enable the effective and efficient function of the university as an enterprise.

7. Funding IT Strategically

The University of Maryland should adopt a view that information technology resources are strategic assets to the institution, and, as such, models for funding of IT - both centrally and appropriately distributed throughout the institution - should be developed to encourage effective and abundant deployment of IT and efficient investment in IT holistically throughout the institution.

8. IT Security, Policy, and Business Continuity

The University of Maryland should deploy appropriate policies and effective enforcement means to secure the integrity of information technology resources, safeguard institutional information, protect the privacy of university community members in their use of IT, and ensure the continuity of the institution's IT resources and information repositories in the face of possible disaster scenarios.

9. IT Governance

The University of Maryland should develop advisory and communication structures to ensure the continued involvement of the university community in the implementation of strategic recommendations and actions presented in this plan, to support the ongoing operation of information technology resources delivered to the university community, and to improve the flow of information between the central IT organization and the university community in all its forms (faculty members, students, IT providers, staff, and administrators).

The impact of action items contained in these recommendations can be further categorized as follows:

  • Actions Providing Baseline Fundamentals: Those items that must be addressed in order to provide the University of Maryland with the foundational elements of information technology necessary to continue to exist and be successful in the second and third decades of the 21st century. While many of these actions involve a process of continued vigilance to maintain and modernization of existing infrastructure and services, some involve the need for remedial efforts to clear away past and current impediments.
  • Actions Creating an Environment of IT Abundance: Those items that, when addressed, will position the University of Maryland to have an environment where IT is abundant - where it is advanced, current, and most effectively and efficiently made available to the students, faculty, and staff of the university to aid in their advancement of the broader strategic vision and mission of the institution. These items reflect the manifestation of Maryland's embracing of the transformative and enabling power of information technology.
  • Actions Supporting Maryland Being Innovative: Those items that, when addressed, will position the University of Maryland at the global leading edge as a university that enables scholarly achievement, innovation, and entrepreneurship that comes from discovery and the expansion of knowledge through the use of information technology.