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To achieve greater synergy between information technology (IT) on campus and the overall success of the University of Maryland in achieving its strategic advancement, the office of the Vice President of Information Technology commissioned the creation of a strategic plan for IT. The IT strategic plan complements the objectives, goals, and strategies put forth in the university's strategic plan, Transforming Maryland: Higher Expectations and will support the strategic priorities outlined in 2011 by UMD President Wallace D. Loh.

The driving concept behind our strategy development is IT abundance. The vision for IT at Maryland is to provide an environment featuring abundant IT resources not as its own end, but wherein IT is innovative, well supported, and readily available for faculty, staff, and students, facilitating their achievement of the broader goals of the institution, while also adhering to sound fiscal responsibility. The plan was initiated in 2013 and covers a period of at least five years — through 2017. The premise of the plan is that IT is the great enabler — of general education, research, efficient and effective operations, and the university's outreach and broader impact.

The Goal for IT@UMD

In the university's strategic plan, Transforming Maryland, it is stated that we must "Embrace the power of technology to ensure the highest quality of instruction, research and scholarship, and outreach to our alumni and the larger community, and indeed to change the way the world works." In 2011 President Loh illustrated such an embrace when he said "Information technology is the central nervous system of a major public research institution, and vital to our statewide service mission."

This speaks to the core fundamental principle of Promoting Innovation: The University of Maryland Information Technology Strategic Plan — that to be a successful, thriving, and globally-leading university in the coming decades, Maryland must embrace information technology (IT) as a strategic asset and not simply tolerate it as an auxiliary liability.

To advance IT as a strategic driver of the institution, the underlying philosophy of our IT strategy is to create an environment where IT is abundant — where it is advanced, current, and most effectively and efficiently made available. 'IT abundance' is thus a manifestation of Maryland's embracing the transformative and enabling power of information technology. Thus, Maryland's strategic goals for its IT environment are:

  • To provide an excellent and highly valued IT environment that enables the goals of Transforming Maryland — advancing student opportunity and achievement, enabling innovation, entrepreneurship, and internationalization, and increasing UMD's service to the people of Maryland.


  • To be globally recognized as leader — in absolute terms — in the creative use, application, and provision of information technology.