Administrative Systems Working Group (ASWG) – The advisory committees that served the Senior Vice President and Provost as well as the Vice President for Information Technology/CIO regarding issues of data policy and enterprise-wide technology decisions have been reconstituted.  In order to streamline discussions of institutional priorities and to meet the challenges of improving access to data through developing technologies, the Senior Vice President and Provost as well as the Vice President for Information Technology/CIO are combining the previous Data Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) and the Enterprise Systems Working Group (ESWG) into one committee, which will be called the Administrative Systems Working Group (ASWG). The membership of this combined group is listed below.

Administrative Systems Working Group
CO-CHAIR: Alison Robinson,
    Assistant Vice President and Deputy CIO, Division of IT Service Strategy Operations & Business Support

CO-CHAIR: Sharon La Voy,
    Assistant Vice President, Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment

Ben Bederson,
     Professor and Associate Provost, Teaching & Learning Transformation Center

Anne Bowden,
    Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel

Denise Clark,
    Associate Vice President, Research

John Farley,
    Assistant Vice President, Comptroller Administration

Barbara Gill,
    Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Babak Hamidzadeh,
    Interim Dean, University Libraries

Ann Holmes,
    Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Mary McDonald,
    Assistant Vice President, University Relations

Jewel Washington,

    Assistant Vice President, University Human Resources

Chuck Wilson,
    Associate Vice President, Office of Extended Studies

John Zacker,
    Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

The charge to this group is to oversee the alignment of UMD’s enterprise systems and data analytics across campus. Doing so requires that we improve how we plan, acquire, and implement enterprise systems campus-wide.
Towards that end, we are writing to announce that in future all purchases or acquisitions of enterprise system software will need to be approved/recommended by the ASWG. This would include any system that must interact with another application or to campus data for any reason, including for user authentication, regardless of the cost of the system.
We have developed a one-page template to use for these requests. Hopefully this will expedite the review and project prioritization. The template asks for information about the challenge or opportunity being addressed by the proposal, the proposed solution, and the expected costs and benefits, including those to campus data security. Any proposals currently in the procurement process that have not been approved by the ASWG will be redirected to the ASWG for review and prioritization. Prioritized proposals move to the Pre-Finance Committee for approval of budget, and then to the two of us for final approval. Please complete the ASWG Project Proposal template for review and prioritization by the committee. Proposals should be submitted by the last Tuesday of each month for consideration during the next month’s ASWG meeting. Completed proposals should be sent to Proposers may be asked to attend an ASWG meeting.

In addition, requests for access to institutional data, whether for reporting or applications should be directed to the Office of Data Administration. We ask that data access and usage be thought of prior to the procurement process, so that we can more efficiently facilitate any approvals and data mapping needs. The Office of Data Administration (ODA) manages the institutional data of the University of Maryland to provide reliable, accurate, secure and accessible data to meet the strategic and management needs of the campus. Institutional data are data relevant to planning, managing, operating, and auditing University administrative activities. ODA’s responsibilities include data policy, data governance, information infrastructure, UM Data Warehouse, data access and data quality.
If you have any questions about the ASWG please don’t hesitate to contact either Sharon A. La Voy (, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment or Alison Robinson (, Assistant Vice President and Deputy CIO.